Implementing a Message Box with Standard Behavior

The system icons can be accessed via the SystemIcons class.

The system sounds can be played via P/Invoke:

Private Declare Auto Function MessageBeep Lib "user32.dll" ( _
    ByVal wType As Int32 _
) As Boolean

Private Const MB_ICONASTERISK As Int32 = &H40     ' Information.
Private Const MB_ICONEXCLAMATION As Int32 = &H30  ' Exclamation mark.
Private Const MB_ICONHAND As Int32 = &H10         ' Stop sign.
Private Const MB_ICONQUESTION As Int32 = &H20     ' Question mark.
Private Const MB_OK As Int32 = &H0                ' OK sound.



The keyboard shortcut Ctrl+C copies the contents of message boxes to the clipboard.

The standard message box can be extended by additional controls using a Win32 hook: A “Don’t show this again” checkbox for the .NET MessageBox.